The most necessary need in this period, the government has allowed to reopen commercial flights to connect trade and Vietnamese people to return home. But the Government requires that to ensure safety and isolation to prevent and control the Covid 19 epidemic.

To meet the needs of commercial guests, experts, and presidents of corporations or Vietnamesse come to Vietnam to do that, we continue to welcome quarantined international guests to hotels or private homes to ensure medical isolation. Self-monitor for 3 days after entry.

Therefore, we are experts in services to ensure safety for guests in welcoming international guests to Tan Son Nhat airport and taking them to quarantine.

Because he has been thoroughly trained in skills, safety measures to disinfect on vehicles, 5K, instructions on the details of operation and prevention of epidemic prevention of HCDC. So we are very confident and ensure to meet the requirements of customers in transporting and picking up guests from the airport to a safe isolation place.

With other advantages, we have many years of experience in airport operations, so we enthusiastically advise passengers on immigration procedures at the airport during the Covid 19 period. Due to many policies and procedures, The new decree needs to be applied, so we understand and help our customers best in immigration at Tan Son Nhat airport.

To ensure the safety of our customers, relatives, and families, we advise and translate all necessary information for customers to have a good trip.

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